Summer grasses on The Bishop’s Meadow, Farnham

Summer grasses on The Bishop’s Meadow, Farnham

Collect and Dye

Natural dyes are prepared from plants and other materials, many of which you can collect yourself. The colours produced will depend on the materials used, water quality and mordents applied, so they are difficult to replicate accurately.

This workshop will take place over two days:

Saturday - meet at Bishop’s Meadow, Farnham, at 10am to collect materials from which to make dyes during the morning, then transferring to Jo Aylwin’s Studio for lunch followed by preparing for dyeing the following day

Sunday - dyeing with materials collected. You will be dyeing 10g wool yarn samples, using a variety of mordents.

Each day 10am - 4pm. All materials will either be collected or provided, along with a light lunch each day. You will also have a Natural Dye Kit to take home so that you can continue with your dyeing experiments. Also, if you are not already a member of The Bishop’s Meadow Trust, you can join while on the workshop.

Only 2 places for full two days to ensure personal tuition and hands on experience.

or contact Jo on or call 01252 447581