TTM Series

This is a loosely connected series of works.

Theo Moorman MBE (1907-1990) was a dedicated artist weaver with a lifetime of experience. She was highly influential in the development of the modern hand weavingcraft in the 20th Century. It is her name that is given to this series.

What links these works is the weave technique, known as the Theo Moorman technique, in which a decorative layer is floated over and woven into a base layer. This allows the weaver to escape the tight demands of all yarns meeting at straight intersections and is used by me to create woven, abstract pictures  

These pictures are for sale. If you are interested in buying one or commissioning something using this technique, please contact Jo.

Pictures of Pines by Matthew Burch of Matthew Burch Photography. Framing by Fine Frames. The Sardinia series have museum quality, non-reflective glass which greatly enhances the viewing experience


Pictures in this gallery are “Pines”, “Sardinia 1”, “Sardinia 2”, “Sardinia 3” and “Sardinia 4”